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Science and Engineering: General

The Enterprise of Scientific Research 

The Science Academy: A Lens into Basic Science Research  

Science Education 

Science Literacy 

Sibling Synergies: Science and Engineering 

Importance of STEM / STEAM 

Science and Engineering in the Community 

The Art of Science – The Science of Art 

Science of Sports 

Science Presentation 101

Exploring Careers in Science  

The Importance of Intellectual Property  

Finding Your Lane: Getting Into STEM 

Intellectual Property Explained 

Bench to Business: Pathway to Entrepreneurship 

Leadership/Organizational Culture

Five Pillars of Effective Leadership 

A Leader’s Challenge 

A Scientific Approach to Leadership 

Creating a Culture of Innovation 

Science and Innovation 

Seven Strategies to Innovation 

Culture in your Corporation 

Project Management 101 

The Elevator Pitch 

Science Master Classes

Neuroscience of Your Brain 

Infectious Diseases 

Genetics 101 

Vaccines: A 101 to 401 Primer 

Understanding Your Immune System 

The Future of Genomics 

CRISPR Unplugged 

Understanding Pandemics 

HIV/AIDS: An Epidemic Update

The ABCs of Science 


The Power of Diversity and Inclusion 

DE&I Through the Lens of Science 

The Color of Science

Speech Topics
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